Sunday, December 19, 2010

week fifty

I am from the far north
from sawmills and broken hearts
that will heal eventually.
I am from two homes
from cucumbers and cupcakes 
(I never forgave myself for nibbling) 
I am from straight A's 
from the written page and world's beyond mine
from siblings I can't stop loving
and the one that got away.
I am from Bible verses.
from the backs of horses 
to behind the wheel and still afraid
I am from long hugs and lots of tears.
I am from Mona Moose and shadylane. 
I am from counting hours and touching hearts
with truth.
from biting heels and sharing words.
I am from true love.
from our park and first kisses and life together.
I am from creativity
a place I cannot let go of. 


Jennifer Gandin Le said...

Your writing grabbed me on the Beauty of Different Flickr group, and I had to come here and say thank you for such a gorgeous poem-biography. Congrats on completing your 52 week project!

danilouwho said...

love how your eyes shine!

Whitney Lane said...

I actually really liked this poem because it felt really real. Plus i knew about everything you talked about :P