Thursday, March 17, 2011

the book

"We must create what we most need to find."  -Sabrina Ward Harrison

What I most needed to find this year was me.  And that is what prompted this journey of self-discovery through poetry and portraiture.  I turned the camera on myself in hopes of discovering my true nature, the things that made my heart sing and how I coped with what life threw my way.  In between all those things I found beauty, honesty, and truth.  I found my voice.

In the end, looking back, this is the greatest gift I could ever give.  And not just to myself, but to all who take a moment to read and look and peer into this book.  It is a gift to my husband.  A gift to my mother.  A gift to my friends; the ones who really know me and the ones I've just made.  A gift to those I've formed a bond with in the wonderful online creative world.  A gift to those who love poetry.  A gift to those who enjoy portraits.  A gift to those who need some inspiration, or just the knowledge that someone out there feels the same way they do.  A gift to those starting out on their own journey.

My book is now available for purchase.  This is my heart on paper.  I hope you find a little  of yourself among the pages.  May it be a little part of your own journey.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

week fifty-two

the beginning and the end collide in this space
and i find myself fulfilled.
this journey has come full circle.
from a desire to learn 
to a knowledge that there really is no end to learning
from a place of bravery 
to the acceptance of my limitations
but also my talents, and my beauty 
and my worthiness. 
I believe I have accomplished my goal: 
to capture and portray myself
and then it all~ 
preserved in 4x6.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

week fifty-one

will this melancholia consume me 
or will these eyes shine once again? 
am I apparent through my actions
the way I walk, the way I laugh, the way I am
can you still smell me 
through my perfume? 
nostalgia is a thing I can cradle in my hand. 
does a poem of silence still hold meaning?
beyond the words I write the message is all too clear
I am here.  
dreams, light, heart and all. 
I am here.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

week fifty

I am from the far north
from sawmills and broken hearts
that will heal eventually.
I am from two homes
from cucumbers and cupcakes 
(I never forgave myself for nibbling) 
I am from straight A's 
from the written page and world's beyond mine
from siblings I can't stop loving
and the one that got away.
I am from Bible verses.
from the backs of horses 
to behind the wheel and still afraid
I am from long hugs and lots of tears.
I am from Mona Moose and shadylane. 
I am from counting hours and touching hearts
with truth.
from biting heels and sharing words.
I am from true love.
from our park and first kisses and life together.
I am from creativity
a place I cannot let go of. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

week forty-nine

make this spinning world stop
let me step off of this crazy carousel ride
and catch my breath
before the next adventure
before the next trial
before the nest day slips 
into a memory.
freeze this moment here with me
share in these simple things
a new scarf
jeans that fit
and a long ride home
just you and me.
these are the pleasures of a life shared
to have someone to ride beside.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

week forty-eight

the chill in the air
fuels the chill in my soul
I can barely feel my own heartbeat. 
these raindrops turned snowflakes
mimic the nature of my fears
I am scared of change
I am paralyzed by transformation
I dread each day for how it will be 
different from yesterday.
so now I'm stuck
stranded knee-deep
frozen in this state of being.
you look at these falling bits of frozen water
and see beauty.
I can't keep myself from shivering...


I have been renewed and newly inspired thanks to the lovely Viv and her wonderful class that im in the middle of called You are Your Own Muse.  it is all about self-portraiture...the techniques used, editing tips, but most importantly:  seeing your own beauty.  she has infused this into my portraits this month.  i am so thankful.  The snow has arrived now... i can't believe this year is almost over.  5 more weeks.  5 more pictures.  5 more poems.  the end is bittersweet...

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