Wednesday, June 16, 2010

week twenty-four

there belongs to me 
a moment ~ this moment
a sigh, perhaps
a deep, slow breath 
a heartbeat
in which i reside -- complete 
the fullness of all my past lives 
meets the emptiness of the future
and the days i have left to fill
the lines i have left to write
it is brief
and passes by sometimes before i even know it
but there are other times when i can catch it
when i can sit back and look at it
marvel at its wisdom 
and its innocence 
be fully submerged in it
bask in its beauty and knowledge

there belongs to me
a moment ~ this moment
where in the stillness i hear
my own heartbeat
and believe now is the moment to live.

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danilouwho said...

ooh this is fantastic love!