Saturday, May 29, 2010

week twenty-one

this heart of mine belongs to him 
the man whose love i cherish
a precious gift has been given me
to be know, truly know...
and loved because of, not in spite of that. 
in his eyes i see all ~ 
past, present, future
and know my memories are safe with him. 
we have given ourselves to each other
an indescribable sense of belinging
my hand fits perfectly in his
my head rests perfectly on his shoulder
my love fits perfectly in his heart. 
kind words and sweet laughter
are the fuel of our lfie together. 
this man is my greatest friend. 
in this time we've spent together i have learned 
that love is not something you look for 
love is something you become.

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danilouwho said...

just beautiful - love the flares!