Wednesday, January 20, 2010

week three

they say im a lot like you...
mother and daughter
our distinctive laughs
kind, sparkling eyes
how we see the world as artists
and cry at Hallmark commercials
we share a love of writing and photography
and treasure our hope for the future
we dream and remember in detail
and like a clean kitchen before bed
we love fiercely and try to push away our hurts
we miss each other, talk every day
and love each other with our whole elbows.

they say im a lot like you...
i say "thanks"


C said...

Knew this girl when she was small
now look, she grew so tall
and like her mother, quite serene
almost regal, like a queen
and see this picture? Half and half?
Love you Shaina, makes me laugh
and for the other forty-nine?
Patience friend. Take your time.

Elisa P. said...

your project is great! and this picture amazing !

Jamie said...

Wow! You two look soooo much alike!!! I love this!!!